How Big is the Internet Market Place?

Being a retiree myself, I remember when there was no internet. I saw it start, grow, flourish and then take off like a rocket. Why did it suddenly explode? Because people found they could sell things on the web and many others found they could buy them.

It started out as a private club (almost) where academics could use it to exchange research data. Then average people began to discover it and soon after that they found this thing called email. But it was not until the world wide web was invented, with all its formatting capabilities that it dawned on people that they could sell stuff.

That’s what make the internet world go round – the buying and selling of products and services: E-Commerce.

How Big is the Internet?Just How Big Is It?

Well, according to reliable sources, in 2015 the total amount of money spent on E-Commerce around the world was 1.6 trillion dollars. Yes, you heard right – over one and a half trillion dollars!

Let’s get that in perspective. Think of Canada, Russia and Australia. Funnily enough, these three countries have roughly the same GDP (gross domestic product), which is the recognized measure of their economic size. In 2016, the GDP of these three countries was:

  • Canada: $1.5 Trillion
  • Russia: $1.3 Trillion
  • Australia $1.2 Trillion

By comparison, the GDP of the USA was $18.5 trillion in 2016.

What About Growth Rate?

OK, so the total amount of money being spent on the internet in 2016 was a bit more than GDP of each of Canada, Russia and Australia, and about one tenth the GDP of the USA. But how fast is it growing?

Remember I mentioned “exploding”? Well, how does 21% sound? How long will it take for the world-wide internet market to become double the size of those countries above? Oh, you need to know that Canada, Russia and Australia are growing at about 3% to 5% per year, so they will never catch up to 21%.

In fact, simple maths tells us that $1.6 trillion, growing at 21% per annum, will double in about 4 years (2020). Now, this is not to say that it will continue growing at that rate, but you get the idea.

Get Your Fair Share

The internet market is huge and growing at an awesome rate. So, don’t miss out. You CAN tap into this amazing resource. All the methods of doing so exist. You just need to find a reliable system that you can easily learn.




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