Online Retirement Jobs – Is there a plus side?

When you suggest online retirement jobs, some people think; “Hey, work is too stressful. I don’t need that!”

But wait. There is actually a plus side to this thing. An exciting and challenging activity can actually keep you alive a lot longer than if you just stop everything.


Think about it. When you were working, it may not have been exactly what you wanted to do, but at least you had a purpose; you were producing some sort of results and you were having to think ahead to some degree (depending on the type of work involved). The key here is that you were having to think…

People thrive on producing results. It doesn’t matter what sort or results are involved, be it the financial viability of a whole organization that a CEO might produce, or a clean office produced by a janitor. The key thing is that they are each producing something. And it is the production of these “somethings” that makes their world go round.

Don’t Stop

It is not a good idea to try to stop everything when you retire. Rather, you should be looking to start some new things. But now you have a greater choice as to what you might do.

If you stop everything, however, the engine starts to slow down. You lose your purpose and the next thing you know, your life could be beginning to end too. This is not what you want in retirement.

Get Excited About Something

Do you know anyone who took up a whole new activity when they retired? They may have finished up being totally consumed by the idea. They might even have worked late nights to get things rolling, or worked longer hours than they ever did before they retired.

But, did you look into their eyes? Did you see the determination and the thrill of producing a whole new set of results? If you did look, you would have seen a different person than the one you knew when they were “working”.

So, what do you really want to do?

  • Build a cabin by a lake with a big BBQ and a view of the forest?
  • Work with your favorite charity to improve their effectiveness in your area?
  • Write a book on something in which you have become an expert?
  • Plan a 12 months tour around the country in a motor home or RV?

Exercise Those “Gray Cells”

If you are familiar with the early 20th century detective novelist, Agatha Christie, you might remember one of her famous characters; Hercule Poirot. He is the one who was so brilliantly played by Kenneth Branagh in the 2017 movie: “Murder on the Orient Express”.

Poirot would often refer to his needing to keep his “little gray cells” working, in order to maintain his exceptional ability to solve murder mysteries. So, if you keep your little gray cells working efficiently – keeping them occupied with lots of problems to solve – you will live longer, according to Poirot. And what he says actually makes sense.

This is why it is a good thing to embark on a challenging exercise, like starting a business activity that will help fund your future retirement activities. A good mental challenge never hurt anyone. If anything, it keeps you alive (and kicking!)


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