Retire and Work At Home – Too Scary?

OK, so you want to retire and work at home, but you grew up in a vastly different era. Today’s tech-savvy youngsters could run rings around you as far as the latest internet stuff is concerned. It’s all a bit too scary.

But that’s no reason to cut yourself off from the most lucrative income potential that ever existed. Yes – the income potential from the internet is staggering!

Wealthy Retiree1.6 Trillion Dollars?

Did you know that there are something like 3.5 billion people who have access to the internet these days? That’s nearly half the population of the entire planet. And it’s growing every day.

On top of that, so many of them buy things over the internet that the total internet sales are expected to be around 1,600 billion dollars in 2015 – which is 1.6 trillion dollars: that’s $1,600,000,000,000. So why shouldn’t you be able to get even a tiny, tiny, little slice of that? Even a minuscule cut would be enough to set you up as a very wealthy retiree.

There are Barriers to Overcome

From where you sit right now, however, you probably have no way to tap into this incredible income source. There are some barriers you have to tackle before you can move on:

  • Generally, internet marketing requires a website and you probably don’t have one or know how to build one.
  • If you are going to get some sort of profit from internet sales, maybe you need a product.
  • “Marketing” (or, finding customers) is probably not something you are an expert in.

What are Your Strong Points?

If you are retired (or about to be), you have some strengths that the younger generation simply does not have access to. You have experience!

Yes – you have lived it. You have felt it. You have experienced it. And, consequently, you have something to offer the world that is totally unique to you. Nobody else has lived your life. Nobody else can claim to have the same experience as you, even if they did the same job, working alongside you for years. You would each have a different viewpoint on what you went through.

As a result of all this experience, you are able to make your expertise available to others. And it’s not just work-related stuff we are talking about here. It could include all sorts of other things, like sports, hobbies, family and so on.

Let’s Knock Down Some Barriers

There is a way to overcome all the barriers listed above and to take advantage of the wealth of experience you have built up over the years. It’s called “Affiliate Marketing”. It works this way:

  1. You build a website with lots of helpful content that people love.
  2. You get people to visit your site and read your interesting content.
  3. Your visitors click on links in your site that direct them to other product sites where they buy things.
  4. Because you referred them, you get a small (or large) commission for the referred sale.

If you can do all this, you overcome the above barriers. But how do you do all this? Well, the best people to help you knock all this over are an operation called Wealthy Affiliates. With them:

  • You learn how to build an effective website. There are no complications; it’s really easy to learn this.
  • You don’t need a product or service (or the complications that go with these). You use someone else’s products.
  • You learn the simple marketing steps that will build up the traffic on your site. Once again – it’s not difficult.

Not Scary At All

It’s not scary at all to learn how to set up a website that pulls in an every-growing volume of interested people who love to learn from your experience. Especially when you have a simple, well-explained system that guides you through all the steps.

With patiently explained help on how to build up your incoming traffic, you begin to tap into that unbelievably huge internet marketing revenue stream. It’s not a “get-rich-quick” thing, but it will certainly build up to a very nice addition to your existing retirement income.

And the nice thing is that it just keeps growing with very little additional effort on your part. How much fun do YOU want to have in your retirement? Well, that will depend, to a large degree, on how much money you can spend on that “fun”.

The folks at Wealthy Affiliates (WA) have a brilliant system that is ideally suited to retirees who may not be up to speed on all the latest tech stuff. WA do it very thoroughly and very patiently and there is plenty of help from a wonderful community of people who love to help. And there is no massive up-front cost; in fact, you can try it for free for as long as you like.

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